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The Digital Bar Initiative (DBI) of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) aims to create a digital credential for the lawyers, establish a TRUST  system around them and develop a platform with which access to a range of eServices are delivered to the legal community in Nigeria. 


Identification with the Bar Card

Every lawyer will be identified with a unique ID and enrolled to acquire their Bar Cards and PINs. With the DBI, there will be no more fake lawyers in Nigeria.


Ease of Communication

Lawyers will be able to exchange e-mails securely and network, interact and share best practices, grow client base and revenue using the redesigned NBA portal. There will also be facilities for peer-to-peer exchange of contents and communication at no cost.


Access to a World of Legal Resources and other Information

In the very near future, lawyers will be able to share resources online and find materials for their work using the NBA portal. All that will be required is the Bar Card and PIN.


Remote Access to Corporate Affairs Commission and Land Registry Databases

Soon, lawyers will be able to conduct name reservation and carry out other activities at the Corporate Affairs Commission and Land Registries, without leaving the comfort of their offices.



The Bar Card, with its dual currency features – Naira and US Dollars – offers unrivalled convenience when it comes to payment for goods and services. The card can be used for transactions across the Web, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices in over 160 million locations across 210 countries worldwide. VISA enhanced security ensures safety of cardholder’s funds and transactions.


Soon, all NBA dues and conference fees will be paid online via the NBA portal. This will simplify the fee collection process, boost revenue profile and aid the accountability of the NBA. 

Additionally, a wide range of products and services - from wigs and gowns, to law books and digitized legal contents, to niche solutions and services etc. can be sold / purchased online via the integrated online store of the NBA portal.


Technology Acquisition Scheme

Lawyers will be able to acquire laptop computers, access devices, relevant software and solutions at a reduced cost. Bank financing options - to eliminate the barriers to acquisition of technology devices - are also available.


How to acquire the Bar Card


1. NBA National website:;

2. Any Chamscity office in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt;

3. The NBA National Secretariat offices in Lagos or Abuja;

4. Your local NBA branch;

5.Or call (01) - 461 8287, 461 7649, 280 5122 for more information.

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